Frequently Asked Questions

01 Does District Media Press create the client's content?

Yes, we come up with content ideas based around the client’s business. From there we have our team who specializes in photography, graphic design, animation graphics, campaigns, brand management and video production build the content.

02 How often does District Media Press post on our behalf?

Each client is under its own accepted proposal. Our packages include running the client’s Social Media accounts and posting the brands content on a daily basis.

03 Does your company duplicate any campaigns with other businesses?

No, we believe that every company is vastly different and we respect the individuality of each brand. Therefore, all campaigns with our clients are confidential and they are created specifically for them and no one else.

04 How much research does District Media Press do on a companies behalf for the best results?

We have a team of qualified professionals who take great time to do the market research for each client. This includes their current customers as well as potential customers. Without doing extensive market research, we cannot create the best results for each brand.

05 How much input does a client have with the content created?

Each client is consulted every step of the way by their assigned brand manager. If for any reason we need to adjust the content that is created, we edit that content until the client is satisfied.

06 How much engagement does District Media Press create on a company's behalf?

We have a tactical team on our staff that spends the majority of the day engaging with a brands followers while also direct messaging new potential customers based around specific hashtags.

07 How much do we charge?

Each client is vastly different and each client’s fee is based upon their own marketing budget as well as the accepted proposal in advance.

09 Is District Media Press a fully serviced web-development company?

Yes, we are. In fact, we offer hosting, monthly management, monthly updates and blogging capabilities.