Social Media Management 00%

Business Consulting 00%

Web-Development 00%

Video Production 00%

Campaign Creations 00%

E-Commerce 00%

Social Media Management

Our qualified brand managers monitor, contributes and guides the Social Media presence of the brand itself. In addition, we engage with current followers and customers while creating new customer growth through high quality and enriched content.


E-commerce platforms have put some of the biggest brands out of business. The world has moved in a direction where there are over 192 million people who visit Amazon on a monthly basis to shop. Each company has the power to benefit from this traffic by taking their brand to a e-commerce level. We thrive at placing businesses on platforms that gets them seen on a logistical level while selling on a e-commerce level.

Business Consulting

District Media Press is a high servicing Consulting Agency that focuses on the individualized client. We produce a plan of action tailor made to each brand and its individuality. This creates what we call “the reverse engineering” aspect of attaining the overall outcome of the brand itself.

Video Production

By 2021, 82% of consumer intake will be video based. This statistic allows businesses to focus on video based content, which will keep the brand ahead of what is to come. Creating enriched video based content allows the consumer to develop a relationship with a brand which leads to client and customer growth.


We live in a new era where a website that is not app driven and mobile friendly can lose customer attention. We dive deep into web-development and app-development so that your current and new customers can have access to you by the use of their finger tips.

Brand Campaigns

Brand campaigns sell and sell well. We creatively dive into campaigns that are tailored to each company. Campaigns create engagement and engagement creates results. Without campaigns, a brand is just a brand but with campaigns a brand stands alone. We leverage several campaign opportunities to include influencer marketing, promotional campaigns, media campaigns and beyond to generate results.



We thrive on creating compelling content for small businesses that enhance customer growth. Our research has proven that enriched, story telling content drives brand awareness thus, creating brand growth. Every small business is its own brand.

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