Business: 3 Million at Stake

How do you move through your life to make sure you’ll become the version of yourself, at your best?

Do you regularly read, seek out and gain new information, listening to those who are doing well in a way you see yourself succeeding?

Do you apply  basic manners and respect to the interactions you have with everyone?

Are you checking in with yourself and truly on a grind that can no way not end in your success?

What about opportunity? Do you solely wait on them or are you making and taking chances for yourself, being open to making new connections to further your network and staying consistent?

A lot of the success as a consultant is based on reputation. When you are first starting out, you likely do not have a resume to reference your ability.

Not a real one without any lies on them, keep it real. So, you’re reliant on big chances, gambles really being taken on you and you have to fucking come through.

Episode one of Hustle Season is focused on Deepak, The owner of Nicholson Ranch, a Sonoma Winery. CEO Tiana Burse put in a lot of work to land the team the opportunity, to impress Deepak, and lock him in as our client.

The meeting was at the ranch where the wine he makes is made with organic grapes, grown there. His winery is small, does well for itself but is ready for more growth as well as putting  Nicholson Ranch, really “out there” expanding demographics of those who enjoy their wine,  who experience the beckoning scenics ranch.

The whole team was there, which is rare but necessary for a client like Nicholson Ranch. The property is intoxicating.

A beautiful distraction from the anxiousness the team may be feeling,  but then again adding to it.

Everybody is wearing multiple hats. The professional one is the heaviest. The student cap on top of that forges a balancing act. Here we are, in a vacation typesetting, smacking away daydreams like they’re fruit flies chasing after sweet fruit juices.

All of the research, skills we have as individuals and as a group are being tested with a potential client of this level. We had chardonnay and then it was time to come through and let Deepak know what’s up, exactly what our intentions are.

Bre, our brand manager nailed it. She’s poised, telling, transparent, clear and conscience all wrapped up, in a bouquet of confidence.

Best part, she was ready. She introduces herself and then it’s go time.

“Every piece of content is going to be curated for a specific demographic. But it is still going to be an overall consistent brand…”

As you watch Bre, listen to the calmness of her delivery, notice her eye contact with Deepak.

The team is supporting her in silence, with their attention, focus, and student hats on, respecting her subtle unintentional way of demanding attention.  It’s a natural gift.

Bre is informed and can speak with a quick flow of accuracy. She did research, listened to what Deepak wants and needs. That is the most important thing next to making moves and delivering on your word.

District Media press is a machine made up of talented individuals. Each of us maintain our parts while working with and checking in on one another. This is only episode one of Hustle Season.

Since this meeting we’ve gone on to bigger parts of this project,like writing scripts and shooting a commercial for Nicholson Ranch.

Yes, all of this while we’re traveling, meeting new potential clients,  volunteering to give back to the community, waking up at 6am on Saturdays to attend events for networking, and that opportunity to be the new kid that some big business takes a chance on.  

Oh we also started writing pieces, like this one.

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